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The Buck Starts Here

Nov 3, 2021

Having cash on hand during an emergency can be the difference between weathering a storm and financial ruin. Editor Rebecca Moran and host Gaby Lapera talk about the basics of starting an emergency fund, the importance of saving and some saving strategies. Learn more about emergency funds here:

Oct 14, 2021

The host of Popcorn Finance, Chris Browning, and Gaby Lapera chat about the worst financial advice they've received, and potential origin stories for each one. 

Sep 29, 2021

You know how a lot of stores try to get you to apply for a credit card? Editor Eric Freeman chats with host Gaby Lapera about the pros and cons of retail store cards, with some meditations on meatballs and humanity along the way. Learn more about retail cards here:

Sep 16, 2021

Stephanie Hsu, Associate Director of Product Management - Auto, talks through the car buying process with host, Gaby Lapera. Want to learn more about buying a car? Read:  

Aug 25, 2021

Parent and Senior Copy Editor Amy Kalin discusses strategies she uses to help her child understand personal finance with host Gaby Lapera. Money management, recognizing emotions and thinking about relationships are intertwined in this episode. Want to jump start the process with an article on budgeting? Learn more: